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Tyres and Wheels by Lightning Services

At Lightning Services as part of our complete package of motorcycle services we

have dedicated Motorcycle Only tyre changing and wheel balancing equipment.

Lightning Services is no fast fit centre - our machines are

motorcycle only. Your painted, polished, chromed and billet wheels are safe

with us. The range of services on offer in house sorts your bike from the ground up.

Based in Trowbridge, we are your local motorcycle tyre services specialist, ideally

based to cover the surrounding towns of Chippenham, Bath and many others.

As an Authorised Cooper-Avon Tyre Dealer ordering direct from the factory,

Lightning Services holds in stock a selection of Avon Venom and Cobra tyres

for Harley Davidson as well as other custom and cruiser motorcycles. We also

stock Avon Storm 2 Ultra  tyres for Buell motorcycles as well as for other marques' sports or

sports/touring bikes. Tyres from Avon are normally available direct from the factory on

a next day basis, whilst all the top rubber from Bridgestone, Continental, Maxxis, Metzler, Michelin

and Pirelli is normally available next day from our other suppliers if ordered by 5pm.

With our computer access direct into the warehouse system of the UK's largest Motorcycle Tyre Distributor we can check availability and price without need for a call back. This system allows us to offer the best deal on tyres on the day - we pass on any supplier special deals straight to you, our customer.

There's FREE Fitting to loose wheels if you buy your tyres from us. Our Premium Ride-in Ride-Out service is available for all chain, shaft and, of course, as Harley & Buell specialists we know and understand belt driven motorcycles.

We are a preferred supplier of Motorcycle Tyre Fitting Services to a number of Internet Motorcycle Tyre Resellers - tyres fitted to loose wheels with new valve and then balanced for only £20.00!

We also balance wire spoked wheels with the correct spoke weights.

As a Registered and Licensed Hazardous Waste Producer, we protect the environment by conforming to waste tyre disposal best practice. In order for us to do this in line with current legislation, a charge of £2.00 plus VAT is made to cover the cost of disposal of each waste tyre replaced by Lightning Services.

Wheel refurbishment:

We can handle your wheel refurbishment - cast, billet and wire spoked wheels. Cast wheel repairs, powder coat refinishing, polishing, re-spoke (with stainless spokes, of course!), true wire spoke wheels, and wheel bearing replacement. Just ask.

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 PUNCTURESAFE - Puncture Prevention

We offer High Performance High Speed Grade Puncturesafe installation with all new tyres fitted at Lightning Services. NOW you can have the benefits of Puncturesafe straight away. While-you-wait installation in your existing tyres without deflation.

Why use Puncturersafe?

Permanently seals punctures caused by objects up to 6mm

The seal is guaranteed for the life of the tyre

Punctured – Puncturesafe seals giving a telltale mark

Perfect air retention state in the tyre

Helps extend tyre life

Improves handling

Dampens vibrations, reduces suspension failure

No excessive heat, no excessive tyre wear

Applied before the puncture occurs

Is not a foam or a get you home product

Controls most blow-outs by giving a controlled deflation

Makes the "inner tyre" run cooler

Don't risk a blow-out  use Puncturesafe - you're worth it!

To find out more about tyres and which fitment is recommended for your bike, call us or click manufacturer's links below:

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